Recording of WISE classes

This document describes the WISE policy regarding the recording and distribution of WISE classes and meetings to course participants and corporate members. Below is an outline of the process of recording and distribution that will be used for WISE online classes.


This policy addresses the recording which may be made from online or in-person sessions, and the distribution to course participants of WISE classes and meetings and corporate members. These recordings of WISE classes and meetings may be recorded and distributed to WISE members and corporate members under the following conditions:

• The instructor or meeting chair assents to the recording.

• The participants are informed prior the start of the session.

With the permission of the instructor and the WISE Director, a recording of the entire class or a selected segment may be made available for promotional or training purposes by WISE.

Unless otherwise agreed by the instructor and WISE director, the recordings will be available to WISE members for 30 days after the meeting date.

Copyrighted material

WISE cannot provide specific legal advice regarding the use of copyrighted materials in classes, whether recorded or not. Use of copyrighted material in educational settings is addressed under the fair use provision of U.S. Copyright law.

For a description of fair use, see the following article, More Information on Fair Use, provided by the

U.S. Copyright Office, as well as Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act, Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use

WISE and its instructors will comply with the terms of service of the copyright holders and media distributors.

This policy will comply with related policies of Assumption University.

Recording and distribution of WISE online classes

Starting in June 2020, WISE is offering online classes via Zoom. The process by which recordings are made and distributed is outlined as follows:

1. The class host uses Zoom’s recording capability to create a video file on the Zoom cloud.

2. The host uploads the video file to the WISE YouTube channel, adds the appropriate descriptive information, and selects the Unlisted setting.

• The Unlisted setting allows a link to be shared, but the video is not available to the general public by search or browsing. See the YouTube section, About privacy settings, for additional information.

• The video may be edited to remove extraneous material at the start and end of the session.

3. If WISE administrators receive a request from a course participant for the recording within 30 days, WISE will send the link to the requester.






Provisional draft



Added notes terms of service and Zoom cloud procedure.

6/18/20200.3 Adding corporate members to those who may request copies of recordings.
 4/28/20210.4Added 30-day limit to recording availability.
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