Scheduling WISE Zoom meetings and classes

This section applies only to people who have Zoom accounts and who can schedule WISE meetings.

The following guidelines help to ensure that all WISE meetings and discussions are simple, consistent, and collegial.

Required Settings





All WISE meetings must have a password set. This helps to ensure that only WISE members are attending.

Waiting Room

The waiting room allows meeting participation to sign in, but not join the meeting until the host gives permission.

WISE does not generally use the Waiting Room feature. 

See Zoom help for details.


This lets the primary host share control of the meeting, including screen sharing, with the presenter and others in the meeting.

Assumption Zoom license holders may also allow designate an alternate host who can start meetings and perform other host tasks. The alternate host must also have an Assumption Zoom license.

Screen Sharing

Only hosts can share screen.

A meeting host can pass control of the meeting to the instructor, making that person a co-host. The co-host can then share the screen.

This helps to ensure that only designated participants can share their screens.

Optional Settings

These settings are adjusted by each meeting host in their respective Settings section of their Zoom account. These are not set on a per-meeting basis.




Mute participants upon entry

Participants’ audio is not enabled in the meeting until the moderator unmutes one or more participant.

See Zoom help.

Breakout rooms

Allows smaller discussions. The meeting host controls who goes into which rooms and for how long.

See Zoom help.

Display end-of-meeting experience feedback survey

Disable this setting

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